Learn Korean

14 Sep

Learn Korean..
ne.. Annyeong this day chingu?
araseo, I can speak korean *though just a little, but I wanna share that to you..* kekeke XD
let’s begin XD

we’ll learn  from the easy word..
Anyeong Haseyo * I said this  in the above ne?* this word means “hello”. You can say ‘annyeong haseyo’ or just ‘annyeong’ ..  Annyeong haseyo has some meaning, they are : hello, see you, good bye,  good morning *if you say it, it the morning* Good night*if you say it in the night*.. understand ne?
ouh ne.. forget kekeke..
are you a little bit confused what is ‘ne’ ?
kekeke .. in korea ‘yes’ is ‘ne, ye, or dae..’
Chingu means friend ^_^
Chonun eun Imnida means My name is eun..
or you can said this.. Ireumeun eun Imnida.. That’s same chingu
– Family
. Father = appa
. Mother = omma
. Older sister = noona *if the speaker is male*
. Older sister = unni *if the speaker is female*
. Older brother = hyung *if the speaker is male*
. Older brother = oppa *if the speaker is female*
. Sibling = Dongsaeng
I know you’re confused about unni, noona, hyung and oppa ne?
Ok I’ll explain it slowly keke XD
so, let’s follow me..
– If you have older sister, and you’re female. In korea you should call her ‘unni‘ not ‘noona’.
Nah, if you have older sister, and you’re male you should call her ‘noona’
araseo? XD
same with hyung and oppa.. surely I am, you’ll understand fastly, cause korean is interesting languange ^__^
dae, next I’ll share  you about word that relevan with “love”..
kekeke XD for example : I love you in korea is ‘Saranghaeyo’

hm.. but now I must be off..
wah now 08.45 PM
if you have any question about it, tell me ne.. I ‘ll answer as I can.. kekeke XD
Annyeong Haseyo ^____________^

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