A Peom for Him..

15 Sep


Hm, today I wanna post my poem. Though it isn’t too good but I want to post it..

Cause I create that poem with all my heart.. Kekeke

A poem for him..

Him? Hm, can u guess who’s him? Kekeke XD

Ne, my idol.. my wangja Jonghun oppa..

*wangja means Prince XD*

Ah OK..

Here for my wangja ^_^!

When This eyes closed

When the night comes, and I close my eyes

There’s the man who always comes to my mind

He smiles to me

And make me fall asleep like in a heaven

When the light day comes, and I open my eyes

That man comes again with his cute smile

My life like in an angel world

Just him my prince

The one who makes me smile everyday

The one who makes me strong everytime


Do you know

Here’s someone waiting for you

Waiting for you to give me the real smile

Not just the imagination smile in the night,

When this eyes closed..

Ah chingu ne?

Do you all understand this poem?

This poem tells about the girl who’s dreaming her prince..

Every night when the girl will sleep, there’s the man with smile always comes to her mind..

That’s just imagination of this girl..

In the end the girl hopes that it isn’t a imagination anymore..

Hopes that imagination will comes true..

Kekeke XD ^_^

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Posted by on September 15, 2009 in FT Island



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