A Poem for you..

28 Apr

Who are you??

I dont even know you well,
Yes may be I do..
But you seem like you were a better person for me.
So, what should I do now?
when all the things around me say that you’re weird.
When all the things u did prove that you are a bad person!
But I dont believe it
I dont even believe it.
Because I just believe in you
Im believing to what you said.. Im believing to what you did to me last time..
Why are you like this?? Is that really you??
Who are you?? Tell me who are you?????
Let me know who you are..
Let me see the real you!
I still pretend not to be hurt..
Act as if everything was allright in front of you
But do you know inside myheart?
Its brushed and broken
its extremely hurt..

I still believe in you
Please tell me,
You were you.. even now you are still you..
The one who makes my life better with your smile
The one who warmth my heart with your words
The one who makes me smile with your strange joking
The one who always comes to my dream and say.. I like you

Lee Jung Han,
Show me that you arent like that..
I know you do 😦
I miss you

maap mungkin bahasa inggrisku kurang baik ==’

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