Hanya coretan.

29 Jun

What does matter with my hope?

Hopes that come into the heart, I think it deserves to become true.
People may be laugh at me,
People may be hurt me by their unwanted sight.
But I wont allow them to block my dreams!
I wont let them to reach my weakness..

I dont know what goes through your mind when I look at you,
I see you as a dream that I think I would never achieve.
But I hope u look at my eyes,
Look at my eyes carefully and find.. there’s something I wanna say
But you know, I am confused to say because you dont give me a chance to tell you.
I hope..
no, I wish..
I wish u could feel my pains! you could hear my hurtful voice scream your name!
I wish you could see my broken pieces among my dark heart,
I wish you could taste my suffer because of seeing you secretly
I wish you could touch the weak mind because its always thinks of you!
It’s tired you know…

Dont treat me as if I was a CHILD
I am now growing up to be an adult,
Growing up to be a girl or even a woman who can feel all those pains!

poem ceritanya, tapi apa ini memang mirip peom atau lebih terkesan seperti curhat entahlah hehe ==’

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Posted by on June 29, 2011 in Me, Poem



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